Over 25 Years Teaching the Bikram/Bishnu Ghosh Yoga Tradition!

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logo "Since ancient times it (hatha yoga) has been used by yogis and rishis for the relief and elimination of all kinds of diseases and defects. It is true that the practices require more time and effort on the part of the patient than conventional therapies, but in terms of permanent, positive results, as well as saving the enormous expenditure on medicines, they are certainly more worthwile. What makes this method of treatment so powerful and effective is the fact that it works according to the principles of harmony and unification, rather than diversity."

-- Hatha Yoga Pradipika, translation by Muktibodhananda Saraswati

Important Reminders:

1. Payments: EXACT CASH, Convenient Interac E-Transfers and PayPal.
2. I reserve the right to refuse class, if advance payment in full is not received.
3. Refunds cannot be provided on purchased memberships, for any reason.
4. For all classes, please use a sticky yoga mat, and a large clean towel to lie on.
5. Wear comfortable, loose clothing for your yoga practice. Shorts/long pants and a top/shirt are fine.
6. To avoid discomfort and accidents during your practice, avoid eating food for at least 2-3 hours before classes.
7. Keep your room comfortably warm during yoga classes. This will relax the body and will prevent injuries.

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