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"...whether young, old or too old, sick or lean, one who discards laziness, gets success if he practices Yoga."

--- Hatha Yoga Pradipika, translation by Muktibodhananda Saraswati

Our studio is located in the heart of Toronto's Downtown, called the Seaton Village - at 982 Bathurst St, 3 blocks north of Bloor St.
That's an easy 5 minute walk from the Bloor/Bathurst subway station. There is also plenty of free parking on side streets all around us.

Our studio's yoga style is rooted in the Bikram/Bishnu Ghosh Yoga Tradition from Calcutta, India - the Original Hot Yoga!

Traditionally, it is performed in warm class room temperatures to relax the body for stretching. Unlike Bikram Yoga and other related Hot Yoga Methods, also based on the Bishnu Ghosh Yoga Tradition, we do not use high heat in our classes. Our classroom temperature is mildly warm to facilitate safe practice.

Bishnu Yoga® Series is scientifically designed to work on the entire body in a balanced and thorough fashion, developing strength, flexibility, balance and the power of concentration. Based on the same 26 yoga exercises as Bikram Yoga, it is a whole body yoga workout, developing and maintaining internal physical fitness and health. It keeps the body young and healthy all life long, free of old age symptoms and conditions. This yoga method brings sure and definite results to those who practice in a steady, regular and long-term fashion.

Our studio is a Hot Yoga Pioneer, by introducing Bikram Yoga to Canada in 1993, and is Canada's Leader in its systematic approach in teaching the Bishnu Ghosh Yoga Tradition.

On a gentler, more fun side, please try our Yin yoga class- a great way to complement your active Bishnu practice.

A Message from Sasha: smiling Sasha our classroom our altar

What sets us apart? Why should you consider making our studio your "home studio"?
Here is why:

* Sasha is the Founder Of Hot Yoga in Canada, and is one of the Most Experienced Master Bikram Yoga Teachers.

* We emphasize Quality over Quantity.

* Our yoga instruction is No Nonsense and Goal Oriented.

* We offer flexible and very affordable class packages.

* Affordable Personal Yoga Training and Yoga Teacher Training.

* We deliver calm and expert "down to earth" yoga instruction, with some humour here and there. :-)

* The Best Of Yoga for Therapy and Fitness, Bishnu Ghosh Yoga Tradition - the Original Hot Yoga.

* Small class size for maximum personal attention.

* Fresh outdoor air circulation and natural light in the classroom.

* Warm and Friendly environment.

Our classes are for all levels.
We hope to see you soon.


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